Services offered

Copy for websites and blogs

Typing of hand-written and typed manuscripts to Word documents (for example books, articles, short stories)

Posts for social media such as Facebook or Twitter



Manuscripts, such as books and short stories

Proofreading and editing of music text books and manuscripts


Theses, dissertations, assignments

Assessment of unpublished articles, stories and novels


Editing should be done before the document is proofread as it might be necessary to revise sentence construction, change a word for a more suitable one, and sometimes omit repetitive words and sentences in order to make the document suitable for publication.

I recently edited a book for someone who submitted a first draft  without  making any attempt to revise and correct it.  As you can imagine, it took me a great deal longer to edit this document than it would have done had the writer self-edited the work first.


This is the last stage of preparing a document for submission or publication. It involves close reading in order to correct mistakes in spelling, punctuation, consistency of style, and consistency of the lay-out of headings, paragraphs, margins, fonts and font size. These mistakes may have been missed during the editing process.


I could write an article for you if you give me a rough draft of it. I would hone this draft into something which could be submitted to a publisher. This applies to articles only. If you have written a book, I expect you to have made an attempt to self-edit it before you submit it to me for editing. You must do your own research for I do not correct errors of fact, only errors of grammar and style.  I do NOT write and research essays or books for you to present as your own work.

Assessment of work

If you give friends your short story, article or novel and ask them to tell you quite honestly what they think of your writing, they are usually too polite to criticise it honestly for fear of losing your friendship forever! I will offer you an impartial assessment of your writing. This assessment would include comments on style, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and construction. In addition I would tell you whether the piece held my interest and whether I consider that it is worth submitting to a publisher, or publishing the book yourself on a site like Lulu.

Please contact me for a free quotation

In order to give you a fair quotation I need to see a sample of your work so that I can decide whether it needs heavy or light editing, proofreading, or even re-writing.

Average charges.

Proofreading: R15 per 100 words

Light Editing: R30 per 100 words

Heavy Editing: R50 – R60 per 100 words

Writing/Rewriting/Assessment of Work:  I will give you a quotation after I have looked at a sample of your work. The cost will usually depend on a combination of the number of words in the piece, and the time I would have to spend working on it.

Confidentiality A potential client suggested recently that I should sign a non-disclosure contract with them if I undertook to do work for them. As a professional person, I was rather insulted at this suggestion. I assure you that if I undertake work for you I will never discuss, share or make public anything that is submitted to me.


Contact me:

for a quotation.

Telephone: South Africa (011)615-5569 (land-line)

Cell/Mobile: South Africa 083-741-6142

I accept payment to my banking account in South Africa or – for overseas clients –  via PayPal

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Good Reads Book Reviews

The Moon And SixpenceThe Moon And Sixpence by W. Somerset Maugham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Apparently Strickland was based on the artist Paul Gauguin, but if this was the case, there is a very loose connection between the two for this in not a novel a clef. The book held my interest while the narrator had personal contact with Strickland and his wife. Almost from the beginning of the novel, before Charles Strickland had appeared, I thought him a thoroughly reprehensible character.

Admittedly his wife was not an imaginative woman and used her established position in society to cultivate the society of writers and artists although she appeared to be devoid of any artistic talent herself. She obviously regarded her "dull" husband as nothing more than a meal-ticket and she had never encouraged his artistic inclinations. It is only after he leaves her to her own devices that she manages to pull herself together, fend for herself and look after her children without being dependent on a man any longer.

The portrait of a completely self-centred, inarticulate Strickland, who does not care about the opinion of others was well-drawn but after the narrator is no longer in personal contact with Strickland and the rest of the story of Strickland's life is related to him by a third person the story is less satisfactory. I have to admit that I did not finish the last fifty pages of the book. Although I like Maugham's work, this was not my favourite Maugham novel.

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